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The first thing you need to do when you first start the game is to follow the quests.

You really don't have to follow all the quests along with some of them that requires gold to accomplish them. If you are a gold-user, then good. If you're not, skip it. It only gives a rubbish reward. You should mainly focus on acquiring resources and just that. Keep on monitoring your account for accomplishing daily quests so that you may grow at an outstanding rate. There are also those Escort Guardians to be fought but.... I suggest not attacking them because its still early. You will just end up losing your precious troops. Keep on upgrading your resources and following some quests until you are allowed to leave b.p Never use the extension of b.p, mind you. It only prevents you from plundering cities which slows your growth. Once you are allowed to plunder, you should have the means of balancing troop training and city upgrades.

Daily Quest Guide:

Credit given to: SueMeNot
I.What are Residents?

Residents are points-related system that whenever you upgrade one building to 1 level, your resident might go +1 or +2. So when you see a 1500+ res. city, that city might be fully upgraded and that means, its a tough nut to crack.

What are Population?

Population plainly means the population of your city. It can be seen on the upper right corner of your city screen or the resources screen It really affects your food/H whenever pop goes up or goes down.


You have a true total of pop to 600
You use 400 on buildings and troops etc. etc.

Food output will be 200/H


II. Plundering Tutorial

Hmm... plundering. I have seen many players with many troops but only has 1 messenger. There are also those kind of players who have many messengers but has no troops available to support 'em. Of course you won't grow properly that way. This are some of the few tips for you


Q: What are carrying capacity thingies?

A: Each kind of units are given certain amount of carrying capacity to get resources when plundering. For example, a lancer currently has 110 carrying capacity. It means that a lancer can carry 110 resources divided on each 4 kinds of resources (wood,stone,iron,food). A zero resident village has a total of 3200 resources because of 800 resources per kind. Their warehouse can hold 800 resource per kind too so that makes 3200. So.... how many lancers at a minimum amt, are required to get all those? 30 is the answer. It shows the same result when sending troops to plunder with 2000 lancer because the storage capacity of a warehouse still remains the same right? :3

Q: What are messengers?

A: They are actually accompanies of units that are deployed outside of village. Whether if they will be scouts or raiding squads; they all require either a hero or messenger. But then, the hero you are using is either busy on the tower of trials or on a faction quest. This is when the messenger comes into action. 1 messenger can support 1 deployment. 2 messengers can support 2 deployment and so on and so forth. Take note that messengers increase cost when you are expanding them further

Q: When does a 0 resident village fill-out when I plundered it?

A: To effectively gain resources into that 0 resident village, wait for at least 2 days for it to fill 800 800 800 800 resources again after you had plundered it. Repeat this process and you're doing it right.


Q: I have no more plundering zones within my 7x7? What do I do?

A: Feel free to explore. Don't be afraid or lazy to scan around your area.


Once you accomplish these, you will have the means of growing veeery fast. ^_^


Sub city= it is a term used in TKO; an extension village, thus the name "sub". Main city can accumulate up to 3 subs....

Mansion (indicates whether the city is your main city or not)

Level 10 mansion= 1 sub city
level 15 mansion= 2 sub cities
level 20 mansion= 3 sub cities

... while sub cities can only accumulate 2 sub cities

level 10 annexe= 1 sub city
level 20 annexe= 2 sub cities

note: after you meet these requirements, be sure to have at least 3 pioneers on it and then send them to an empty space of your choice. Keep in mind that empty spaces has its own unique traits on resource types like... 5 4 3 6, 4 5 3 6, 5 3 4 6 which means...

example: you conquered a 5 4 3 6 empty space

It has 5 timberlands 4 stone mines 3 iron mines and 6 farms.
Main city= resource fields can be up to level 20 only accumulates 3 max oases.

Level 10 career center = 1 oasis
level 15 " " = 2 oases
level 20 " " = 3 oases

Sub city= *note resource fields up to level 10 only thus, only a limited population. Be sure to surround it with at least one 50% food to maxmize its troop production potential.

Level 10 career center= 1 oasis
level 20 career center= 2 oases

The tip here is to place your villages distant from each other to maintain sharing of oases. Also keep in mind the oases of your needs. If you want to make a pure troop kind of village which eats up a lot of iron, then go for an empty city with 5 iron mine fields available.

Note: Oasis could only be acquired on your 7X7 of your city (the white grid you see in the map around your city)

IV. Hero:

What is a hero? It is just one fantastic feature of the game that has the ability to affect some attributes of the game. Heroes can affect outcome of battles, resource output production or you could even use them to participate in the warrior’s tournament and gain good prizes.

How do you level up a hero:

Go to faction quests map, go to the location of any faction quest available there. You can see 5 generals there on cavalry. One of them is the main general which requires gold to fight. Just ignore him. I suggest you attack the one with the highest level because they won’t even damage you. Attacking the lowest level is just a waste of time.

There are also faction quests that require a certain level of hero. So just keep on challenging generals until you meet the requirements needed. Then after that, enjoy the high exp that you will get ^^.

*Anyways, challenging a general requires 20 stamina approximately if your hero is quite damaged from the fight. It really depends if you have good items to lessen stamina reduction per challenge to a NPC general

You can also try the tower of trials. You will be given the opportunity to enter “1” hero to it once per day for free without consuming gold. Tower of trials gives huge exp and an opportunity to get a recreating bolus (reset level of one hero and stats) or a preserving bolus (assigns one unassigned stat of the hero of your choice).

There are also the scrimmages available for a hero to take part in. Scrimmages give accelerating points (accelerates any unit training by half *except for demolishers, rams, lobbyists, pioneers) and a small amt. of exp to hero.


Scrimmages is best done when your hero is all sucked up dry of stamina. 1 stamina is sufficient to do a scrimmage. When you have 100 stamina, it consumes 10 or 15 stamina. Which is better now huh? Smile

V. Battle System:

How do troop stats affect a battle?


A lancer has 50 attack power and he attacked a swordsman with 50 cavalry def power. It will result to a tie because 50=50; they will both die. But if the swordsman's cavalry def. power is upgraded up to 60 due to upgrades on armor, the swordsman will win against a lancer.

Special Note:

Battle system in this game isn't like an RPG wherein both defense and power are both applied in battle. On TKO, a player can only be an attacker or a defender on a battle so; only 1 part of a unit's troop stat is being applied.

Hope you keep this in mind when thinking of what kind of troops are best suited in your playing style and the situation given at hand.

VI. Troop Stats of Every Unit


Militia - 40 Atk 20 I Def 5 C Def 60 Carry 7 Spd
Pikeman - 10 Atk 35 I Def 60 C Def 40 Carry 7 Spd
Glaiveman - 60 Atk 30 I Def 30 C Def 50 Carry 6 Spd

Scout - 0 Atk 10 I Def 5 C Def 0 Carry 9 Spd
Crossbowman - 80 Atk 10 I Def 5 C Def 60 Carry 7 Spd
Repeating Crossbowman - 120 Atk 10 I Def 5 C Def 60 Carry 7 Spd

Lancer - 55 Atk 100 I Def 40 C Def 110 Carry 10 Spd
Imperial Guard - 150 Atk 50 I Def 75 C Def 80 Carry 9 Spd


Spearman - 15 Atk 40 I Def 50 C Def 30 Carry 7 Spd 1 Pop
Shield Infantry - 65 Atk 35 I Def 20 C Def 45 Carry 6 Spd 1 Pop

Archer - 80 Atk 10 I Def 5 C Def 50 Carry 7 Spd 2 Pop
Legendary Archer - 150 Atk 10 I Def 5 C Def 60 Carry 7 Spd 3 Pop

Female Cavalry - 90 Atk 25 I Def 40 C Def 75 Carry 19 Spd 2 Pop
Heavy Cavalry - 45 Atk 115 I Def 55 C Def 35 Carry 16 Spd 2 Pop
Guard Cavalry - 140 Atk 50 I Def 165 C Def 65 Carry 13 Spd 3 Pop
Scout Cavalry - 0 Atk 20 I Def 10 C Def 0 Carry 17 Spd 2 Pop


Swordsman - 40 Atk 35 I Def 50 C Def 40 Carry 6 Spd
Heavy Infantry - 30 Atk 65 I Def 35 C Def 20 Carry 5 Spd
Guardsman - 70 Atk 40 I Def 25 C Def 50 Carry 7 Spd

Longbow Archer - 100 Atk 10 I Def 5 C Def 40 Carry 6 Spd
Cavalry Archer - 150 Atk 80 I Def 25 C Def 70 Carry 14 Spd

Light Cavalry - 120 Atk 65 I Def 50 C Def 100 Carry 14 Spd
Qing Cavalry - 180 Atk 80 I Def 105 C Def 70 Carry 10 Spd
Scout Cavalry - 0 Atk 20 I Def 10 C Def 0 Carry 16 Spd


Pioneer - 10 Atk 80 I Def 80 C Def 3000 Carry 5 Spd (Founds cities)
Lobbyist - 40 Atk 60 I Def 40 C Def 0 Carry 4 Spd (Reduces loyalty in enemy cities)
Battering Ram - 60 Atk 30 I Def 75 C Def 0 Carry 4 Spd (Attacks walls)
Demolisher - 75 Atk 60 I Def 10 C Def 0 Carry 3 Spd (Attacks buildings)

Oasis Units
Hound - 10 Atk 25 I Def 10 C Def
Falcon - 20 Atk 35 I Def 40 C Def
Underling - 60 Atk 40 I Def 60 C Def
Follower - 80 Atk 66 I Def 50 C Def
Bandit - 50 Atk 70 I Def 33 C Def
Ringleader - 100 Atk 80 I Def 70 C Def
Armed Rogue - 250 Atk 140 I Def 200 C Def
Mounted Rogue - 450 Atk 380 I Def 240 C Def
Yellow Turban - 200 Atk 170 I Def 250 C Def
Swordman - 600 Atk 440 I Def 520 C Def

Note: Oasis units are really tough aren't they? So don't attack them while its still early

A much deeper observation on Wei


Guardsmen, Qing cavalry, Cavalry Archer really pawns on attacking while
the Light Cavalry is really good at plundering (it rivals the fem cav in
plundering efficiency because of its 100 carrying capacity and has only
a 3 speed gap between them) and the cost it requires to train them is
already ignored because some players handling them is plundering
correctly. It also has good defense troops (Swordsmen for cavalry, Heavy
infantry for Infantries). The only difficult on Wei is how you'll make
troop builds for each of your cities (considering the assorted troop
kinds of Wei which is both good in atk and def). Making mixed troop kind
in one city is NEVER convenient when it comes to food/H consumption.
(If only the negative food per hour wouldn't be that cruel ) It's either, build yourself a Qing cav+
Cav arch city, a Guardsmen city, a Qing+Guard city, a Guard+Cav arch, a
Qing+LC, a pure Swords city, a pure Heavy Inf city, or Swords+Heavy Inf
city (whew)

Again, Wei players would have a difficult time on planning for troop
builds. And even if they do, what will happen if the opponent attacked
that Qing+Guardsmen city of yours? (when your asleep and not logged-in
and can't FS because of some friggin reason). Even if all your cities
have 800 longbowmen on towers, it only helps a bit on an ATTK CITY vs.
ATTK CITY. (which also applies in the Shu faction if you're following
the pure kind ONLY on your cities)
A much deeper observation on Wu


First off, I'd like to emphasize to most of Wu players (with exceptions
to those players using GOLD and for players who does not make every
cities of theirs plunder) that spear men are total crap. Yes they are a
match for the Shu militias (40 attack of militia=40 inf def of spearmen)
and have the same cav def as what the Wei swordsmen has (50 cav def of
swordsmen= 50 cav def of spearmen) but it has the most crappy carrying
capacity and speed which is a perfect disadvantage for the
"All-city-should-plunder" rule. So instead, why don't you go for Shield
Infantries and all kind of cavalries troop builds? But for the sake of
those who uses spearmen, I also have some builds for you ne T_T

These are the most convenient troop builds so far

Pure attack builds

Shield Infantries+Guard Cavalry
Shield Infantries+ Fem Cavalry
Legendary Archer+Guard Cavalry+Shield Infantries

Pure defense builds

Spear ONLY ( I don't use this at all, but it saves a
lot of food/H)
Guard Cavalry+ Heavy Cavalry
Important note: Always have 800 legendary archer on every city no matter
what . It is always a given on factions to
have 800 archers on your tower regardless of what troop build that city
has. Having archers on a city always makes you feel safe ne
A much deeper observation on Shu


I believe this is the best choice for GOLD players. I really can't tell
why (it's on the tip of my tongue) but I have a gist that it's because
of the food per hour needs. I've seen this one gold shu player attacking
one of my league mates with 7000+ militias to each of his 3 cities. I
turned for the pitiful Wei league mate of mine.
Militias are the ™️ of Shu and despite of its crappy stats (40 attack
which is the same as a Wei swordsman, 20 infantry def which is crap and a
5 cavalry def which is so cute XD). But then again, its speed is equal
to Wei Guardsmen (7 speed) and furthermore, it has a whooping 60 Carry
Capacity and for only a CHEAP price. Glaivemen on the other hand is the
weakest *strongest infantry attacker* of all factions

Clarification of what I've said
Strongest infantry attacker of factions

For Wei, it's Guardsmen 70 attack
For Wu, it's Shield infantries 65 attack
For Shu, it's Glaivemen 60 attack

Now who's the strongest ne? It's guardsmen! And the weakest? It's

For those who wants to see the cavalry....

Strongest cavalry attacker of Factions
For Wei, Qing cavalry 180 attack
For Shu, Imperial Guards of Shu 150 attack
For Wu, Guard cavalry of Wu 140 attack

For archers.....

For Wu, Legendary archers 150 attack
For Shu, Repeating crossbowmen 120 attack
For Wei, Longbowmen 100 attack

Now back to the topic...

The Imperial Guards are weak in a sense of the "overall-stats-gap". If
you analyze all those 3 stats carefully, Imp guards has crappy defense But nevertheless, it's still a good unit
for Shu players. (no other Cav attacker choice right? XD). And also,
make it a habit to make 800 repeating crossbowmen on each city; it has a
satisfactory defense so.... why not? It also has the same carrying
capacity with militias which is 60.

Pure attack builds

Militias ONLY
Glaivemen ONLY
Imp guards ONLY
Glaivemen+Imp guards
Glaivemen+Militias+Imp guards

*Recommended* Pure defense builds

Pikemen ONLY
You might want to ask why I haven't made a pure lancer troop def build.
The reason is simple, it's weak on Cavalries and some freaky cavalry
like Qing can take it easily

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Not all men are not created equal. Some are born smarter or more beautiful or with parents of greater status. By contrast, are born weak of body, or mind, or with a few, if any talents. All men are different. Yes, the very existence of men is discriminatory. That is why there is War, Violence and Unrest. Inequality is ...not evil. Equality is shown only by people who are living in lies and not living for truth.
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Post by Leonidas on Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:37 am

nice guide oda.... btw are u playing TKO on other servers? IC the 1st one its already in China hands

The game is just starting...

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Post by Hitagi on Sun Feb 28, 2010 9:51 am

maybe because he has free time, considering that this is weekend, and maybe he want our small player to develop faster...
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Post by Hitagi on Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:32 pm

okay since I have been mailed about some tutorial, i will posted here... so my mail box will not get full Very Happy

How to build sub city
1. build mansion or annexe lvl 10 (I suggest to build annexe, mansion can become handy later, thung nomaden capital Very Happy, maybe later I will post about it on forum, and annexe much cheaper).
2. at annexe lvl 10, recruit 3 pioneer...
3. after you have all 3, select an empty slot on the map, I suggest not too far, and not too close to your first city, look the oasis around too...
4. click "build city" button (its icon similar to attack other player city).
5. after your pioneer reach the empty slot, you will have your new city.

How to take over other player city
1. You can only conquer other player sub city, not his main city.
2. you need to build mansion/annexe lvl 10, drill ground lvl 20, command center lvl 10. after that you can reasearch for lobbyist unit.
3. aim which city you wanna conquer, kill all its army.
4. send pioneer there. each time you send lobbyist, the city loyalty decrease about 10-20%.
5. send pioneer again two-three times until its loyalty 0, after that, you will conquer that city.

it's a long time huh?
better you build your new sub city...

How to claim an oasis
1. main city can has up to 3 oasis, sub city can only has 2 city.
2. to gain 1st oasis build lvl 10 career center, for 2nd and 3rd oasis look at oda guide once again!
3. plunder oasis you wanna occupied, you cannot use destroy mode.
4. deploy in plunder mode 2-3 times until all troops in the oasis has been killed.
5. if all the troops have been killed, the oasis is your claim, and your output is automatically increase.
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Post by Lelouch_vi_Brittania on Tue Mar 16, 2010 1:22 pm

Leonidas, this topic of mine is for public.

Not all men are not created equal. Some are born smarter or more beautiful or with parents of greater status. By contrast, are born weak of body, or mind, or with a few, if any talents. All men are different. Yes, the very existence of men is discriminatory. That is why there is War, Violence and Unrest. Inequality is ...not evil. Equality is shown only by people who are living in lies and not living for truth.
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